About Us

RDC was established by Simon Taylor in 2009 to provide consultancy advice to community renewable energy projects and since then he has been focused on development of small hydro projects in the UK and contract management of larger hydro schemes overseas.

RDC offers a range of renewable energy services to individual households, businesses and public authorities in the UK and state and private institutions overseas.  He has completed over 50 contracts primarily on the feasibility, design, licensing, turbine manufacturing and construction of hydro projects in the UK, ranging from 15 to 2000 kW.  Overseas he has been involved in the construction and contract management of mini-hydro projects, most recently in west Africa

Simon is a mechanical engineer with 25 years experience in the renewable energy sector. He started work in development of a 600 kW wind turbine for the UK market then did 3 years as a VSO volunteer in the Philippines, establishing micro-hydro and solar projects in remote upland villages of the Cordillera. He went on to work for a further 4 years for a Philippine NGO, taking the lead for energy campaigns and further hydro development work.

Since returning to the UK in 2000 he has worked on numerous projects, including development of tidal devices, installation of biomass boilers for Dorset County Council, as well as consultancy roles for hydro, solar and wind power projects.  In the last 5 years he has been more focused on hydro development opportunities and was involved in manufacture of turbines in the UK and feasibility studies, construction and project management of mini-hydro projects in Africa.

Based in the centre of the historic city of Bath, Simon can provide renewable energy consultancy services across the South-West, Wales and the Midlands.  He also maintains involvement in rural electrification programmes and hydro development in Africa, China, SE Asia and Latin America.