All Rivers Hydro

Small Hydro • 2010

All Rivers Hydro (ARH) found support from community renewable energy company, Energy4All, to assess the potential for small hydro power on the River Severn at Castlefields Weir in Shrewsbury. With partners IT Power, RDC was commissioned to carry out a comprehensive technical study of the development options north and south of the weir, considering single and multiple units of Archimedean Screws (4 – 4.5 m diameter) and Kaplan turbines (2 – 2.8m diameter).

Of a total of 14 technical approaches, the recommendation was to develop up to 350 kW on the south bank using either 2 Kaplans or 3 Screws and integrate a new fish pass into the scheme. ARH drew from the report to make their Expression of Interest to Shropshire Council for development of the scheme and negotiations are on-going while further work on design of the new fish pass (in liaison with the EA) and layout of turbines is being taken forward by ARH.