Bacton Village Hall

Solar PV • 2009

RDC undertook another Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP) project development study which assessed the best options for renewable energy electricity systems at a village hall in Bacton-on-Sea, on the coast of Norfolk. Due to a south-facing roof, a solar PV system was designed following a structural survey that allowed a maximum capacity of 9 kWp to be considered. In order to complement the solar system, land next to car park will be used to host a small 6 kW wind turbine. RDC assisted the Village Hall Committee in securing grant funding for the renewable energy projects from the Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) and the CSEP’s Capital Grants.

Although, due to the change of grant funding rules when the FiTs were announced in April 2010, the capital funding for the solar PV was withdrawn, the community is still pursuing the wind turbine, which is currently within the planning process.