Baits Bite Lock

Small Hydro • 2009

The study at Jesus Lock encouraged the nearby village of Milton to study the hydro power potential downstream the River Cam at Baits Bite Lock, with assistance from the Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP).

The local Council, on behalf of the local community, engaged RDC to prepare a full feasibility study which involved carrying out hydraulic analysis, power and energy capture analysis, considering the full range of low-head hydro power technologies rated at 20 kW (including Archimedean Screw, semi-regulated Kaplan turbine, and siphonic propeller arrangement) and their costs.

The EA and Cam Conservators were engaged in the hydro scheme plan from the beginning and are assisting in developing the most appropriate scheme for the site which has a range of environmental sensitivities as well as amenity uses (narrow boats and rowing).