Jesus Weir, Cambridge

Small Hydro • 2008

RDC carried out a study for Cambridge City Council for 2 potential micro-hydro sites of 15 and 18 kW capacity within the city as part of the Council’s policy for sustainable energy and linkage to the Cambridge Sustainable City initiative.

This involved detailing the appropriate turbine technologies for the head and flow seen at the site, providing outline costings of turbine options, including grid connection, undertaking basic economic analysis and carbon savings of the preferred options at each site and holding initial discussions with the Environment Agency (EA) on abstraction, flood defence and impoundment issues, as well as any aquatic bio-diversity sensitivities.

Although the Jesus Green redevelopment plan which included the hydro scheme did not achieve Council funding, the site is now being considered for development by a local group, possibly as an Archimedes screw turbine.