Monkton Wyld Court

Energy Audit and Woodfuel • 2008

Monkton Wyld Court in west Dorset is run as a holistic education centre providing courses on low-impact living. The main house is a Victorian parsonage and as an old building requires improvements in the insulation and use of its energy. RDC has assisted the centre in starting an energy audit process, identifying where energy is wasted and how to improve the management of heating and electricity within the buildings.

Part of the study was to consider the potential for further renewable energy initiatives (the centre already has solar thermal and PV), and a centralised heating system based on a woodchip boiler is now being considered. The 150 kW woodchip boiler system will be located in a new energy centre with an underground bunker for storage of the woodchip fuel. A heat main pipe would provide the space heating and hot water services for the 35 residential rooms, across several buildings on the site.

The project will save £11,000 a year on the current inefficient and expensive electricity and log-based heating system and offer affordable and sustainable energy into the future.