Sharenergy Hydro

Small Hydro • 2010

Sharenergy represents various community groups in Herefordshire and Shropshire which are seeking to develop various small hydro schemes on three local rivers. Six schemes have been identified and RDC has undertaken full feasibility studies at each site for a range of heads and flows with scheme capacities rated between 7 and 60 kW.

Key to the work was understanding the landownership patterns at each site and the various stakeholder interests such as fishing, canoeing and public access. Because some of the sites are listed, an important aspect was sensitive scheme design which also incorporated design for fish passage. The technical work involved site investigations considering Kaplan turbines, Archimedean Screws, crossflows and waterwheels, their energy capture and the costs for installing them at the various sites.

Two schemes were chosen to develop and RDC then prepared the detailed designs for planning and EA permissions which were submitted in autumn 2011.