Hydro power is a mature and well-understood technology that offers many advantages over other renewable energy:

  • high efficiency and high power density
  • predictable energy outputs
  • long system lifetime (up to 50 years)
  • excellent load factor characteristics

Recent studies in England and Wales have estimated that about 400 MW of small-scale hydro projects are technically, economically and environmentally viable with a further 1,000 MW in Scotland. In the last year there has been a ten-fold increase in development of small hydro sites ranging from 5 kW turbines in old English mills to 3 MW grid-fed schemes in Scottish and Welsh hills.

The Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) are enabling many of these projects to payback in less than 10 years, benefitting homeowners and communities alike and contributing to national carbon emissions reductions.

RDC Hydro Services

RDC offers the experience required to help you through the various stages in development of small hydro projects, in the range of 3 kW to 2 MW with a service that will take projects from initial feasibility study through technical design, planning consents to scheme installation.

RDC has prepared designs for over 20 hydro schemes including turbine selection, scheme layouts, fish and eel pass design and several schemes have either been installed or are going through the planning process.

If you have a potential hydro power site you would like to discuss Contact us here.