Developing Countries

RDC’s experience overseas is with small-scale rural electrification programmes in SE Asia, Latin America and southern Africa, mainly based on hydro-power systems in the range of 100 – 1,000 kW.

RDC has also dealt with smaller decentralised renewable energy schemes overseas based on micro- and pico-hydro equipment and solar photovoltaics.

RDC in Developing Countries Services

RDC can undertake feasibility studies, design of new projects and evaluation of existing ones, particularly in hydro power engineering, covering hydrological resource assessment, design of schemes, financing and project development.

RDC can also assist in rural electrification programmes through expertise gained in numerous countries (Rwanda, Uganda, India, Honduras, China, Ecuador, Vietnam, Nicaragua, South Africa, Philippines) over the full range of renewable energy technologies that feed mini-grids.

RDC’s previous work overseas has allowed a broad experience to be built up in rural development issues, through the design, procurement and mobilization of community-based renewable energy projects, generation of funding, project management and training operators in fabrication, installation and operation of renewable energy systems.

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