In terms of cost-effectiveness of renewable energy options, wind power is one of the best performing, as long as the site is correctly chosen. The following are required for small-scale wind development:


•    Average windspeeds of over 5 m/s
•    Open ground for 100m from the prevailing wind direction
•    Turbines can be mounted on a tower (at least 50m from obstructions) or building-mounted
•    Located at least 100m from neighbours

RDC Wind Power Services

RDC can help you decide on the most appropriate wind turbine technology for your site from the large number of products on offer, undertake site design, prepare planning documents and give guidance on how the Feed-in-Tariffs can be gained for your project.

Because the success of wind power projects are dependent on the nature of the site, it is critical to undertake a proper site assessment. Contact us here.