Wood as one type of biomass heating (in the form of logs, wood chips or pellets) is seeing a resurgence in the UK as a sustainable heating solution with good economic payback, especially for properties that traditionally rely on oil for heating.

If you are considering re-boilering your property or putting in a central heating system for the first time, woodfuel heating may offer considerable cost advantages in a world of sharply increasing gas, oil and electricity prices.

RDC Wood Fuel Services

RDC can undertake the studies required for you to properly consider the correct biomass boiler and the most suitable type of woodfuel, prepare layout designs, arrange the installation of plant and commissioning of schemes.

There are some grants for installation of biomass boilers and the new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will provide good payback on capital costs; RDC can assist you with grants and the requirements of the RHI.

If you want assistance in development of a biomass heating project Contact us here.